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Health Cluster meeting - West Bank

Venue: MoH building - Ramallah

Date: Thursday 14th August, 10:00-11:30 am


  1. Opening remarks (2 mins)

Welcome remarks by the Health Cluster Coordinator, Sara Halimah, and the co-chair MoH representative, Maria Al Aqra

  1. Health Humanitarian Update (30 mins)

MoH to provide an update on the health situation in the oPt. Partners will have the opportunity for questions and answers.

  1. Humanitarian Programme Cycle (20 mins)

Partners and MoH to provide an update on the situation. The Health Cluster to discuss next steps.

  1. Logistics support from the Health Cluster (30 mins)

The Health Cluster Coordinator will introduce the Health Cluster Logistics Officer to the partners.

  1. Partner Updates (10 mins)

Partners will have the opportunity to give brief updates to the Health Cluster about their activities.

  1. AOB and dates of the next meeting (3 mins)