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Gaza Health Cluster Meeting - 12th November 2018

Date: Monday 12th November 2018, 10:30-12:30

Venue: WHO Offices, UNDP Building  



Opening remarks (2 mins)

Welcome remarks by the oPt Health Cluster Coordinator, Sara Halimah.


  1.     Health Humanitarian Update (30 mins)
    1. Update from the MoH
    2. Update from the Trauma Working Group

MoH to provide an update on the health situation in the oPt. This will be followed by an update from the Trauma Working Group. Partners will have the opportunity for questions and answers.


  1.     Summary of the HRP (20 mins)

Health Cluster Coordinator presents a summary of the HRP projects. This will be followed by a discussion on what worked and what could be improved.  


  1.     Introducing the SMS (20 mins)

Bo Andren to introduce the new supplies monitoring system for the Cluster Partners. Partners provide feedback.


  1.     Update on attacks against healthcare (20 mins)

WHO will provide an update on the current situation and the increasing number of attacks against healthcare. What can be done to improve the data collection and advocacy?  


  1.     Partner Updates (15 mins)

Partners will have the opportunity to give brief updates to the Health Cluster about their activities.


  1.     AOB and dates of the next meeting (2 mins)