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Special Situation Report, Gaza, oPt, 7th Oct - 20th Oct 2018


§ 9 Palestinians were killed and 1,306 were injured by the Israeli forces during the reporting period from the 7th to the 20th October, according to the Ministry of Health (MoH).

§ Eight Palestinians, including one child, were killed during the demonstrations, while the ninth was killed due to an Israeli attack, which took place on the 17th October.

§ Out of the total 1,306 injured, 62% (815 people) transferred to MoH hospitals or NGO health facilities, including 168 children and 35 females. The remaining 38% (491) were treated and discharged directly from the trauma stabilization points (TSPs).

§ Out of the total 815 injured people referred to a hospital, 16 were critically life threatening (1%), 299 moderate (23%), 470 mild (36%), and the remaining 30 were unspecified cases due to limited data collection1.

§ Since the starts of the mass demonstrations, a total of 23,573 people have been injured, of which 5,652 were live ammunition gunshot injuries(23%). From the 5,652 patients, 78% (4,388) are lower limb gunshot injuries.

§ Gaza’s health sector continues to rely on donated fuel to run its services. On 17 September the Humanitarian Coordinator (HC), released $ 1 million USD from the humanitarian fund for fuel. From this fund, a total of 635,000 litres were purchased for the health sector. This donation will support 54 health facilities; 28 hospitals, 22 primary healthcare centres and four key health administrative departments.

§ In September 2018, the Central Drug Store of the MoH in Gaza reported 47% of essential drugs at less than one month’s supply and 41% completely depleted. 30% of essential disposables were at less than one month’s supply

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