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SITUATION REPORT occupied Palestinian territory, Gaza 18 November –3 December 2018


 490 Palestinians were injured by Israeli forces during this reporting period from 18 November to 3 December1.

 Since 30 March, 246 people have been killed and a total of 25,461 people injured. 11,982 were treated and discharged from the Trauma Stabilization Points (TSPs) and the remaining 13,479 casualties were transferred to MoH and NGO hospitals. 6,068 people have live ammunition gunshot wounds, of which 5,264 (87%) present limb gunshot wounds2 .

 In November and December, electricity from the mains grid increased from 6 hours to 11 hours out of 24; however, the emergency fuel supply to sustain the health sector will run out in December; with some hospitals running out of the reserve fuel in the second week of December. This will be immediately life-threatening for over 1,500 patients dependent on electrical machines.

 The Ministry of Health reports rapidly declining vaccine supplies across the oPt with imminent stock-outs over recent Israeli bureaucratic obstacles and challenges to import vaccines.

 From 30 March until 31 December 2018, Health Cluster partners require $ 41.5 million USD to respond to the health needs from the mass demonstrations. To date, 70% of the requested amount was received, leaving a gap of $13 million USD. 

More details: http://healthclusteropt.org/admin/file_manager/uploads/files/shares/Documents/5c0bc0149703b.pdf

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