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SPECIAL SITUATION UPDATE occupied Palestinian territory, Gaza 28 March 2019


During the recent escalation in the Gaza Strip on 25 March 2019, seven Palestinians were reportedly injured and six buildings, including a private house, were destroyed. A ceasefire was announced on the late night of 25 March, however, the situation remains tense.
On 25 March, Israeli authorities announced that both Kerem Shalom and Erez crossings will be closed until further notice. In addition, the permissible fishing zone for Palestinians in Gaza was reduced to zero miles. Movement of people and goods to and from Gaza has been largely prohibited. Movement of UN staff to and from Gaza has also been restricted as of 26 March 2019. Due to the unexpected closure of Kerem Shalom crossing through which fuel for the Gaza power plant enters, the plant had to shut one of the three power generating turbines on the evening of the 25 March, reducing the power production by one third. This has reportedly resulted in power cuts of 12-14 hours per day. Increased power cuts may cause disruption in provision of essential health and WASH services across the Gaza Strip.

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