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SITUATION REPORT occupied Palestinian territory, Gaza 01 – 30 April 2019


From 01 to 30 April 2019, two Palestinian were killed, including 1 child, and 830 injured1.

§ According to the MoH, since the start of the demonstrations in Gaza, 279 people have been killed (56 children) and 31,577 injured. WHO was able to verify records of injuries of 28,778 people. 7,013 people have suffered from gunshot wounds, of which 6,138 (88%) presented limb wounds2.

§ The electricity situation has improved given the recent efforts to connect the grid lines to nine out of the 14 public hospitals, including

Al Shifa, Indonesia, Al Aqsa, Nasser, Al Dora, Ophthalmic Hospital, Paediatric, Psychiatric, Specialized Paediatric Hospital. These hospitals now have access to up to 22 hours of electricity every day. Meanwhile, the MoH has appealed for 500,000 liters to cover the interim period until all hospitals are connected to the grid lines.

§ 268 items (52%) out of the essential medications were reported at less than one month’s supply in the MoH Central Drug Store (CDS), and 56% of the essential laboratory items were reported at less than one month’s supply in the Central Laboratory and Blood Bank Department.

§ In order to respond to the growing health needs, the Health Cluster requires a total of $ 28.2 million. Out of this, $ 15.1 million has been received, with $5.4 million USD recently released by the Country Based Pooled Fund, leaving a funding gap of $ 13.1 million. Further information can be found here: https://bit.ly/2HWPjwz.

§ An additional $1.5 million is required to ensure the minimum needed resources are available to prepare for and respond to the first 96 hours of a potential escalation.

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