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Health Cluster Bulletin, oPt, April-July 2021


  • The May escalation had a massive impact on the humanitarian health of people in Gaza and the West Bank.
  • There were a total of 260 fatalities and 13,170 injured as a result of the escalation in oPt.
  • The COVID-19 response was disrupted by the insecurity which is reflected in the reduced amount of diagnosis.
  • Many health facilities especially in Gaza were forced to close due to insecurity or damage preventing access to essential services such as primary health care, SRH, etc.
  • The mental health well-being of the populations including frontline workers in Gaza and the West Bank was significantly threatened by the conflict which added to the mental strain already experienced by the population.
  • In June efforts were strengthened to increase COVID-19 vaccinations across oPt with the introduction of more vaccination points and opening up vaccination to anyone who is eligible.

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