Welcome to the Health Cluster Website

What is the Health Cluster?

The Health Cluster was established in oPt in early January 2009 in response to the humanitarian crisis that ensued from the Israeli military operation in the Gaza Strip. Since then it has provided an essential framework for coordination and partnership between the various health actors involved in the humanitarian response in oPt.

Currently, the Health Cluster represents a partnership of over 70 organisations: local and international nongovernmental organisations and UN agencies that are committed to working together to provide needs-driven and evidence-based health and nutrition responses in oPt by increasing synergies between individual cluster partner projects and reducing duplications and redundancies. The Cluster is co-chaired by the Palestinian Ministry of Health to ensure alignment with national policies and plans. The cluster conducts common needs assessments in order to fill gaps and prevent duplications in aid delivery. It is also a forum for emergency preparedness both for armed conflict and natural disasters.


The Health Cluster collectively prepares for and responds to humanitarian and public health emergencies to improve the health outcomes of affected populations through timely, predictable, appropriate and effective coordinated health action.

Key strategic approaches

  • People at the centre of response - affected populations at the heart of decision making.
  • Strengthen coordination for collective action and collective results.
  • Ensuring empowered leadership is in place.
  • Building capacity of national and local health partners.

Strategic priorities

Five strategic priorities guide the work of the Health Cluster and provide a structure in which to examine our accomplishments and challenges.

  • Strengthen the coordination, technical and operational capacity of national-level actors to prevent, prepare for, respond to and recover from public health and humanitarian emergencies.
  • Strengthen inter-cluster and multi-sector collaboration to achieve better health outcomes.
  • Strengthen our collective and respective health information management and use.
  • Address strategic and technical gaps.
  • Strengthen Health Cluster advocacy at country level.