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Mobile Clinics Working Group

Over 114,090 Palestinians living in 101 communities across the West Bank lack a permanent clinic and face critical challenges in accessing basic health services. These communities include, primarily, those located in Area C, in the Israeli-controlled parts of Hebron city (H2), and in the closed areas behind the Barrier (the Seam Zone). In many of these areas, the journey to the nearest clinic has lengthened because of the need to travel circuitous ways around settlements and barriers. Access to healthcare can be hampered by the unavailability or high costs of transportation, and in some communities, access to emergency services is challenging as even ambulances face delays. 

The most vulnerable in these communities include women during pregnancy and childbirth; sick children and infants; the elderly; and the chronically ill or disabled. The knowledge that health access may be difficult and risky also acts as a psychological stressor that can directly affect health. To mitigate this situation, ten organizations in the Health Cluster have been operating mobile clinics in vulnerable communities for the past few years.

What is a Mobile Health Clinic?

• The mobile health clinics serve communities in Area C, H2 and seam zones that have no access to primary healthcare services. • The mobile health clinics include a doctor, nurse and midwife. They provide primary health care services for a community and also provide curative treatment and some laboratory tests on a daily basis. • The clinic is registered and licensed to practice by the MOH. • The clinic visits each community at least 4 times per month. • There is an established referral mechanism with basic rehabilitation care providers.

Mobile Health Clinics Maps :

Mobile Health Clinics in West Bank, September 2019

Mobile Health Clinics in West Bank, December 2018

- Mobile Health Clinics in Area C, December 2018

Mobile Health Clinics  Infographics:

Mobile Health Clinics in the West Bank, July 2018

Mobile Health Clinics in the West Bank, February 2018


Meeting Minutes

Mobile Clinics working group / Meeting minutes - 2 April 2019

Mobile Clinics working group / Meeting minutes - 29 March 2018

Mobile Clinic Working Group Meeting’ Minutes - Monday 5th February 2018